Points to consider while searching wholesale fashion jewelry

Fashion jewelry has its own importance now, as it is affordable and its availability in different designs and style. It completes entire look of ladies. These features are the reasons for the rising popularity of fashion jewelry among ladies and that’s why it has replaced place of traditional jewelry in life of ladies. You can wear fashion jewelry daily, or at functions like marriage, engagements or at festivals to match with your ethnic outfit.  There are few things to be considered if you are planning to buy wholesale fashion jewelry for the first time.

  • Match with Outfits: First of all decide with which dress you are going to wear and what type of jewelry you are searching such as earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings etc. Go for the right design and style that matches best with your outfit. Understand the purpose of outfit and then decide jewelry. For example with an ethnic outfit chandelier earrings suits best.

Points to consider while searching wholesale fashion jewelry

  • Research and Compare: You can browse through internet to know about latest trend and designs. As fashion jewelry is available in a huge variety of designs always compare the designs and quality of material used. You can explore every fashion jewelry wholesaler nearby your area to compare quality.
  • Prices: Prices of fashion jewelry are very dynamic in nature. Jewelry of same type and quality can be sold at wide range of prices. So, it’s important for you to compare prices offered by different fashion jewelry wholesaler. You can take idea of prices on internet also, by checking prices of items on different online jewelry shopping sites. After doing all this, you can go with the best prices based on your research.
  • Image of Exporter: As lots of fraud cases can be heard in fashion jewelry, such as delivery of an item which differs from committed one or delivery of defective items etc. So for your safety please check the image of the fashion jewelry exporter online by checking reviews and ratings. You can ask for the references from the wholesaler to crosscheck quality of material delivered and delivery time of the jewelry.

How to find a trusted fashion jewelry exporter for your online jewelry business

Fashion Jewelry has now its own place in every home. Every woman loves to wear fashion jewelry as it is affordable and comes in a wide variety of designs. Advent of internet technologies such as 4G and easily availability of smartphones modern day girls and women prefer to shop online. This has resulted in the rise of online retail jewelry business. For the owners of retail jewelry business, it is important for their business to find the right fashion jewelry exporter.

How to choose a trusted fashion jewelry exporter:

  • Online Reviews: The first method to check the quality of services and products offered is to check the online reviews given by existing clients. Many a time people read the testimonials on official website of jewelry exporters, but these testimonials are not reliable enough to trust. Also, check the average ratings of the website. This will let you know about services, commitment and behavior of the exporter, and if it is matching your expectations then you can approach that exporter.

fashion jewelry exporter

  • Variety of Designs: As customers demand wide variety of designs for jewelry. They match designs and colors with their outfits. So, always consider an exporter that provides stock of numerous varieties of designs to you. Also, ask for sample pieces of jewelry so that you can check the quality of material used and can compare product with sample post purchase. One important point, always prefer an exporter who deals in all kind of jewelry so that all your demands can be fulfilled with one vendor.
  • Competitive Prices: To survive in business you have to offer competitive prices to customers. People always prefer lower prices for the same product. Before ordering, you can spy on your competitors at what price they are selling, so that you can negotiate with the exporter over prices. Always prefer jewelry exporter that offers you ornaments at low prices.
    Don’t forget to know about the delivery terms and conditions of your order. Try to get it free or at minimal cost so that you can offer jewelry at fewer prices to your customers as compared with competitors.

Following these points you can easily get trust Trendy jewelry Exporter for your retail jewelry business.

How to choose best fashion jewelry wholesaler for your online jewelry business

The advent of internet and smartphones has facilitated people to shop online. Number of online shoppers is increasing at a very fast pace. Every industry is moving towards its online presence. Fashion jewelry industry now has a major portion of customers buying products online. This has resulted into a number online fashion jewelry retailer. While starting online jewelry business, finding a right fashion jewelry wholesaler is a challenging task.

Points to consider while searching a fashion jewelry wholesaler:

  • In-House Jewelry Manufacturing: Always look for fashion jewelry wholesaler that manufactures jewelry in-house. These types of wholesalers always try to improve their quality of products. Also, they can deliver large chunk of orders in short period of time.


  • Jewelry Quality: Quality is something, which is the base for the growth of your online business. Wholesalers that are reputed and have a name in industry from many years can be considered for quality products. Consider those wholesalers that take the feedback of customers and considers negative feedbacks to improve quality of jewelry.


  • Huge Variety of Items: A good imitation jewelry wholesaler will always be updated about latest designs, trends and fashion of industry. They should have a wide variety of designs of earrings, necklace, pendants, bracelets etc. so that demands of customers can be met easily. Wide variety of designs also increases customer engagement with products.
  • Better Prices Offered: Budget is the factor to decide which wholesaler to approach. Always go for a wholesaler who is offering you jewelry at better prices, so that you can enjoy large chunk of profits which will help you in growth of your startups. Also, make sure to check the quality of items. Many time wholesalers give defected or broken pieces at less prices.

imitation jewerly exporter

  • Shipping and cancellation policies: A good wholesaler always provides the facility of exchange of products and return of items. Many times you can change your mind about an item or find that product is not in trend or fashion. In these situations either you can return or exchange those items.
    Also, a good wholesaler charge nominal prices up to an amount and free delivery for large orders. Shipping time policies are also considered while deciding for wholesaler. Always go for a wholesaler that ships product in less time.

fashion jewelry exporter

  • After Sales Service: Always look for a company that offers good after sales services. Company should provide proper customer support during warranty period of item. In case of complaints, they should resolve it at the earliest.

If you are planning to start your online fashion jewelry business, consider these points whole choosing wholesaler.