How to keep imitation jewelry with care

Imitation Jewelry gives a pleasure look and it completes an outfit. It has its own place in terms of fashion. Imitation jewelry completes desire of everyone to look good, that’s why it is always in demand and popular.

Tips to follow to use Imitation Jewelry:

Always keep it dry: When imitation jewelry comes in contact with water, it starts losing its shine. So, never try to clean your jewelry with water, lotion, or any type of chemical. Also avoid wearing jewelry when you are in swimming pool or spa. Swimming pool water causes metals to change color because of presence of chlorine in pool water. Perfumes and deodorants should not be used on jewelry unless they are completely natural. Following this point will always make your jewelry shinning.

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Store it in a box:  Using a box to store jewelry will keep your jewelry fresh for a long period of time. You can buy it from any Imitation Jewelry Exporter. Always keep your jewelry in jewelry box after using it. Do no leave it in open place. Wrap your jewelry with anti-tarnish paper or cotton to avoid it from scratches. You can use silk cloth pouch or velvet pouch to keep earrings and rings.

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Last in first Out: While wearing imitation jewelry, always follow this rule. Always put jewelry once you are dressed up completely. This will ensure that jewelry will not be accidentally caught by your clothes. Do not wear jewelry while doing routine activities such as cooking, washing clothes, cleaning home. This will eradicate the possibility of damaging the jewelry. While doing make up or hair massage, take out your jewelry, it will remain dry. A good Imitation jewelry wholesaler will always inform you about this point. Always wear off your jewelry before taking off your dress.

Following these tips will make your fashion jewelry last long and will give you better return on money spend on imitation jewelry.

How to start your fashion jewelry business easily?

The popularity of fashion jewelry is at zenith now. The primary reasons are availability of jewelry in huge variety of designs and colors and increasing prices of gold and diamonds. That’s why most of the people are opting for fashion Jewelry. Imitation jewelry is affordable to every class of people. So, if one is thinking to start a business of own, then business of fashion jewelry is best in today’s circumstances. As it is in high demand and with a small capital, one can start this business.

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Why it is the best option?

Evergreen Demand: Jewelry is always loved by women from the medieval period to present around the globe and it will be loved by women forever. So jewelry will always be in demand. Earrings, rings, necklace, bracelets, maang tikka have always remain in demand. That time has gone when fashion jewelry was only demanded during wedding season. Now ladies wear fashion jewelry in parties, workplaces, on festivals and even daily in leisure time. So fashion jewelry is in demand every day.

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Less Risk as compared to other business: As we all know that risk is associated with every business. Fashion Jewelry business is less risky as compared to other business as it is not so much dynamic in nature. The only thing that one needs to consider is to find a reliable imitation jewelry wholesaler. After this a good marketing campaign on Instagram and other social media platforms will get business for you. A good retail website from online shopping of fashion jewelry will be an add-on.

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How to find trusted trendy jewelry wholesaler?

Finding a reliable trendy jewelry wholesaler is very easy now days. Internet has made it easier for everyone to find everything. Just type imitation jewelry wholesaler on google or bing or yahoo and you will find a large list of wholesalers and suppliers. A wholesaler with an appealing design website and good ratings and reviews from its customers can be considered for purchasing of jewelry.

How to buy wholesale Imitation jewelry for yourself

Fashion jewelry is very important in today’s era. Every lady around the world is embracing for fashion jewelry as it matches easily with the dress and accessories of a lady. Therefore it has now taken an important place in everyone’s place.

Now, when it comes to buy Imitation jewelry for yourself, it’s better to buy it directly from Imitation jewelry wholesaler. It will save a lot of your money by eliminating the commission or profit margin of middleman.

Steps to buy Imitation jewelry in bulk from Imitation jewelry wholesaler:

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Look for a registered and legitimate wholesaler: Look for a wholesaler which is a registered organization, as there are many fake companies in market who claim themselves to be wholesaler. There are very less chances of fraud incidents when you are dealing with a registered organization.

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Product Portfolio: Ask for the brochure of jewelry items from the imitation jewelry wholesaler. Look at the design and colors of ornaments that matches with your wardrobe outfits.  Also enquire about the nature and quality of material used in making. You can ask for sample pieces to check the quality of ornaments. You can also check website and social media accounts of the vendor to check the designs.

Ask for hidden costs: You should always ask trendy jewelry wholesaler about hidden cost involved in your purchase, if any. Shipping cost, damaging cost or any hidden taxes should be asked before placing order. Many a time people are charged more by wholesalers in terms of designing charge, damage charge, hidden taxes etc.

Compare Prices: After deciding designs and colors compare the prices of ornaments from different vendors. Some wholesaler offers higher prices as they already know customer will negotiate over prices and some wholesaler offers higher prices to enjoy large share of profit. By comparing prices you will get an idea of the right price of jewelry item. Go for the one which is cheapest and best in your budget. By doing this you will get maximum value for your money.

All these steps will help you to find best imitation jewelry wholesaler to help you out with your demands.

How to find a trusted imitation jewelry exporter to import jewelry?

Imitation jewelry is an elegant way to represent yourself. There is a direct relation between fashion and jewelry. Every woman loves to wear jewelry and availability of wide range of jewelry in different designs and colors make every piece of jewelry unique. Imitation jewelry completes the look of every lady. Now, it is used across world, so most of the time people import jewelry from countries like India because of availability at less prices.

Now people have many options to import jewelry. But choosing the right one is really difficult. Many exporters do frauds like delivering different jewelry than promised or charging more money from innocent customers. Therefore you should choose fashion jewelry exporter very carefully.

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Points to consider while searching for imitation jewelry exporter:

  • Reputation of Exporter: The very first step is to know about the reputation of the exporter and past experience of its customers. To do this, you can check online reviews and ratings on google. Also you can browse social media profiles of the customer. Asking reference of current clients is also a good way to know about exporter. If you are getting positive feedbacks from all these sources, then you can consider him to go with.


  • Huge Variety of Designs: A good fashion jewelry exporter is one who has all type of jewelry such as rings, earrings, necklace, bracelets etc. Considering these types of exporters, your demand will be fulfilled under one roof. Also exporter having an inventory of large designs and colors will help you to choose items that suit you most.

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  • Commercials: There are a large number of exporters that offers you same product in quality and design. Your job is to figure out the one that offers product at less prices. In this way you will get best value for your money.

If you follow the above mentioned points while searching for imitation jewelry exporter, you will easily get a trusted exporter for your order.

How to become a successful fashion jewelry exporter?

The popularity of Fashion Jewelry is at zenith across the globe. Its availability in different designs and colors has done this. That’s why its demand is increasing in foreign countries and ladies are embracing fashion jewelry because it completes their look. To cash this opportunity many jewelry wholesalers have started exporting jewelry to different countries. Many are becoming successful and earning big fortunes.

Points to follow in exporting jewelry

  • No compromise in Quality: To increase customer base and to win loyalty of customers, never compromise with the quality of jewelry exported. Sell earrings, necklace, rings which has high quality metal and gemstones. Deliver the product that you committed before selling. These things will build your reputation in the foreign market.


  • Research, Research & Research: As trendy jewelry and traditional jewelry have similar demand. To grow your business consistently, you have to do market research on trending jewelry items. Spying on your competitor is the most crucial strategy. Also get to know about customers’ taste by asking them to fill feedback form and comments from them.


  • Marketing and Branding: Use online marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC and SMO to make your presence online. Use social media to make your brand. You can share product details with content on social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest. As billions of people are active now on social media, harness its power and boost your exports and become a big imitation jewelry exporter.


  • After Sales Services: A better customer service results in increased customer loyalty and word of mouth promotion. Solve the problems they are facing in terms of delivery and product. Also replace the jewelry that is broken at the time of delivery. Make sure they are not only satisfied with your jewelry, but also by your after ales support. As a fashion jewelry exporter, it is better to provide them telephonic and email support both. A good after sales support will attract more customers towards you.

Steps to start a fashion jewelry business

Fashion jewelry has now become a part of wardrobe of Indian ladies as it completes the overall look of a woman. Due to the reach of internet in every home, online jewelry business is at zenith now. It is now a major contributor to country’s GDP. Many new vendors are entering in this industry to sell fashion jewelry online. In this article we will tell step by step process of how to start online fashion jewelry business.


Steps for starting fashion jewelry business:

  • Identify your target customer: The very first step to start your jewelry business is to identify where your target audience is. For example you can sell on social media (Instagram), Ecommerce platforms like Amazon or Ebay. Clear photographs of items and better description will help you to get more customers. You can also become an imitation jewelry exporter if your target audiences are foreigners.

steps of business

  • Decide your Products: As fashion jewelry has a very long list of jewelry items. It would not be a smart decision to deal in all types of jewelry. You can start with products that are in trends and demand like earrings and rings. These are low price items and sold very fast as they are always in demand.


  • Search and find your supplier: This step is most important one as this will determine the success of your venture. You can search for fashion jewelry wholesaler through internet, reference or in tradeshows. Once you find them on internet you can contact them on their mobile or through email. Make a list of five to ten wholesalers and start communicating with them. Ask them about minimum order cost, their terms and conditions, pricing, variety of products and delivery time of order. Prior to connect with them please read reviews about them on internet and only include vendors with good reviews.


By following these steps you can start your online fashion jewelry business comfortably.

Tips to wear fashion jewelry

Every woman loves fashion jewelry because of its designs, its availability in different colors, and can be wearing with any kind of outfit. It looks pretty wherever you put it on your body, ear, neck, arms etc. But many women become uncomfortable while wearing fashion jewelry due to many reasons. In this article we will discuss how to wear fashion jewelry to avoid such situations.

Tips for wearing jewelry:

Jewelry matching with outfit: Any jewelry like, earrings, necklace, bracelets should be matched with your outfit and other jewelry. This adds flair to your look. Matching jewelry with outfit and clutch completes the look of a woman. Apart from this don’t wear jewelry which is not fit in size or prone to allergy with your body.


Don’t Wear too much: While wearing jewelry always remember “Less is better”. Don’t burden yourself with too much jewelry. For example if you have matching earrings, mang tikka, necklace, bangle, you need not wear all of them. You can try them out and remove what is not needed according to occasion. Many women wear rings in all fingers, which many a times look awkward. You can consider a big stone ring or wear a couple of small rings. This will give you a perfect look.

Match with Skin Tone: Always keep in mind the tone of your skin while buying jewelry whether online or from fashion jewelry wholesaler. Wear that jewelry that matches with tone of your skin. For example jewelry of rose gold and white gold color matches with every skin tone. Also, cool skin tone matches best with gemstone of blue and red color. Warm skin tone matches best with yellow and green color gemstones. Matching jewelry with skin tone will add glamour to your outfit.

Be Confident: As “Confidence is the best outfit”, so always be confident while you are wearing fashion jewelry. No matter how cheap in price it is, if you are confident in wearing it, it will add sparkle to your complete attire. Because of confidence, foreigners wear bold and thick jewelry. That’s why nowadays fashion jewelry is in demand and business of every imitation jewelry exporter is increasing.

If you follow these steps before stepping out of home, you will always feel comfortable wearing fashion jewelry.

Why is fashion jewelry preferred by everyone?

Every girl who is a fashion lover, follow the trends of fashion jewelry. As original jewelry is now becoming more expensive day by day due to rising prices of gold, so original jewelry is considered only in marriages and festivals. So, fashion jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets are becoming more popular among youth.

Every fashion jewelry wholesaler is now focusing on the jewelry which is in trend, also known as trendy jewelry. As girls usually follow celebrities such as actors and models so trendy jewelry is always in demand in market. There are a number of reasons, why fashion jewelry is loved by people nowadays.

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Why fashion jewelry is preferred now?

  • Low Cost as Compared to Original Jewelry: This is the major reason of buying fashion jewelry by people nowadays. Imitation Jewelry is available at much lower prices as compared with original jewelry. So, it has become the only option for those who can’t afford gold jewelry. Its cost is less as it is made of beads, glass, stones, gems and other materials.

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  • Match with Outfits: In this world of fashion, everyone wants to look perfect and different from others. One way to add flair to look is by matching your jewelry with your dress, bag and shoes. Availability of imitation jewelry in different colors makes it more demanding as it can be matched on different occasions, and days. Ladies prefer colorful earrings, rings, and other type of jewelry to match them with color of their attire. That’s why imitation jewelry has become a symbol of fashion now.


  • Safe and Secure: Fashion jewelry is safe to wear as it is a low cost product. Ladies can easily wear them when they are travelling or visiting crowded places such as market, fairs etc. Because of its cost there is no fear of being lost or snatched as you can buy them again easily.

All these above-mentioned reasons make fashion jewelry favorite for everyone, especially youngsters and college girls. Now, Indian jewelry is also being loved by foreigners so large amount of fashion jewelry is now exported from India. Now, fashion jewelry exporter focuses on matching the demands of foreign customers, as in exporting of jewelry large chunks of profits are enjoyed by exporters.

How to find best fashion jewelry wholesaler?

Over the past years, fashion jewelry business is growing exponentially.  Due to rising prices of gold, diamonds and desire of women for matching jewelry with their outfits are the primary reasons for the growing popularity of fashion jewelry. For fashion jewelry retailers, e-tailers, e-bay sellers’ finding a wholesaler is not an easy task. A right fashion jewelry wholesaler is the backbone of the success of your business.

Tips to find fashion jewelry wholesaler:

  • Business background of wholesaler: First of all check the business background of wholesaler. As majority of fashion jewelry is imported, so always consider a wholesaler that imports jewelry from multiple countries. These kinds of wholesalers have a large variety of designs and they also have better prices. Also, your business will not be affected by any turmoil or negative events in one country.

How to find best fashion jewelry wholesaler

  • Look for combo of trendy jewelry and traditional jewelry: People more likely to buy latest design of jewelry which is in trend. Look for wholesaler that offers you latest jewelry design coming in market. This will give an add-on to success of your jewelry business. Importance of traditional jewelry design cannot be ignored as during wedding seasons this type of jewelry generates the maximum revenue. So, look for the wholesaler that also has jewelry in traditional designs.
  • Complete Range of accessories: Look for a wholesaler that deals in every type of accessories like anklets, toe-rings, mobile accessories, watches, belts, clutch, key rings etc. In future you may plan to expand your niche, so finding wholesaler at that time would become easier.
  • Terms & Conditions of business: Find an imitation jewelry wholesaler that has minimum purchase of your budget amount, minimum cost of shipping. For example minimum order of jewelry is 20000 rupees, and it is in your budget, so you can consider that wholesaler. Also get to know the delivery time of jewelry, like same day or 1 day or 2days. Always prefer vendor that delivers in minimum time.

Points to consider while searching wholesale fashion jewelry

Fashion jewelry has its own importance now, as it is affordable and its availability in different designs and style. It completes entire look of ladies. These features are the reasons for the rising popularity of fashion jewelry among ladies and that’s why it has replaced place of traditional jewelry in life of ladies. You can wear fashion jewelry daily, or at functions like marriage, engagements or at festivals to match with your ethnic outfit.  There are few things to be considered if you are planning to buy wholesale fashion jewelry for the first time.

  • Match with Outfits: First of all decide with which dress you are going to wear and what type of jewelry you are searching such as earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings etc. Go for the right design and style that matches best with your outfit. Understand the purpose of outfit and then decide jewelry. For example with an ethnic outfit chandelier earrings suits best.

Points to consider while searching wholesale fashion jewelry

  • Research and Compare: You can browse through internet to know about latest trend and designs. As fashion jewelry is available in a huge variety of designs always compare the designs and quality of material used. You can explore every fashion jewelry wholesaler nearby your area to compare quality.
  • Prices: Prices of fashion jewelry are very dynamic in nature. Jewelry of same type and quality can be sold at wide range of prices. So, it’s important for you to compare prices offered by different fashion jewelry wholesaler. You can take idea of prices on internet also, by checking prices of items on different online jewelry shopping sites. After doing all this, you can go with the best prices based on your research.
  • Image of Exporter: As lots of fraud cases can be heard in fashion jewelry, such as delivery of an item which differs from committed one or delivery of defective items etc. So for your safety please check the image of the fashion jewelry exporter online by checking reviews and ratings. You can ask for the references from the wholesaler to crosscheck quality of material delivered and delivery time of the jewelry.