How to increase amount of fashion jewelry wholesale order

Revenue is the backbone of fashion jewelry wholesalers. Every wholesaler wants to increase their revenue as the success of your business depends on the revenue. There are mainly two ways of generating revenue, one is by increasing the number of customers and other is by increasing the amount of order. A good fashion jewelry wholesaler will always focus on the latter one as a big order.


Tips for fashion jewelry wholesaler to increase order amount:

  • Fast Delivery of jewelry to Retailers: Give your customers a better and fast order experience. Try to deliver jewelry as soon as possible. It’s better to share photos of the new collection on WhatsApp with them so that they do not need to browse your website for order. This will also save their time.
  • Provide them samples: It is one of the best strategies to build and maintain a healthy relationship with your client. Offer the samples of only those designs which are new. Providing samples to your retailers will result in the increased value of order as they will try a new collection of jewelry after testing the samples.
  • Free Shipping on a value of order: Free shipping has always been an attractive deal for jewelry retailers. You can offer free delivery of jewelry for a large amount of order. In this way your order value will be increased as retailers who want to save their money spending on shipping charges will increase the order amount to avail free shipping.
  • Offer discounts: Offering discounts on the number of quantity of jewelry is a great strategy to increase the order value. Give a discount to the fashion jewelry retailers on a large quantity of jewelry. As you will also get a good price from manufacturers after placing a big order. As you are getting imitation jewelry at a lower price, so you can easily offer discounts to retailers.

All these above-mentioned strategies will help an imitation jewelry wholesaler to increase the revenue by increasing the order value.

Tips to buy perfect fashion jewelry for you

Fashion Jewelry has an important place in wardrobe of every lady. While buying jewelry, one should consider it to use for lifetime. So you should consider choosing jewelry for special occasions, casually wearing every day, for your ethnic outfits and for your western outfits.

Points to consider while buying collection of fashion jewelry:

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  • Variety of Style: Buy jewelry of different style and colors, which is in trendy and looks gorgeous on you. Keep in mind all the coming occasions while buying jewelry and buy different jewelry pieces for every occasion. Buying jewelry in different colors will make it easy for you to wear same jewelry matching with same shade of colors. For example if you have earrings of blue colors, then you can wear it different outfits which are in blue shade. Buy it from any fashion jewelry wholesaler to choose your best one from different designs.
  • Evergreen: Always buy piece of jewelry that can be used on many occasions in a lifetime. Buy pieces that you think will not lose shine and can be worn maximum number of times. Many jewelry lovers now prefer to wear jewelry more than once. Go for heavy pieces of jewelry if you are planning to buy it for wedding season.
  • Latest in Trend: Check out the internet before buying jewelry to get to know about the latest trend going in jewelry industry. You can observe what type of jewelry actors and models are wearing. By doing this you will have an idea of what exactly you need. Buy jewelry that can be easily matched with your outfits, so that jewelry will not look awkward. The benefit of buying trendy jewelry is that it can be worn with any kind of outfit like modern outfit, ethnic wear etc. It’s better to approach imitation jewelry wholesaler to check out latest trends in jewelry.

How to clean your pearl jewelry

Pearl jewelry is loved by every lady. It gives a classy look and completes an outfit on special occasion. Ethnic outfits worn on marriages are incomplete without Pearl necklace. But if its care is not taken, pearl jewelry loses its shine and color is faded. So it is important to take care of pearl jewelry to maintain its shine and original color.

Tips to clean pearl jewelry:


  • Wipe it with clean cloth: After using the pearl jewelry, first thing you have to do is wipe the jewelry with a cloth. Remember that cloth should be clean and soft. You can use a piece of silk fabric to clean it. Wipe it immediately after you use it every time and wipe pearls gently instead of rubbing them. Instead of chemical cleaners, use water. Dip the fabric into water before cleaning pearls. You can take advice from any fashion jewelry wholesaler regarding fabric to be used for cleaning.
  • Use Soap and Detergents: To remove sweat and oil from pearls, dissolve soaps and detergent into water. Make a solution of soap and water, and then apply it on pearls, it will remove all the dirt from the pearls and make them shining again. This will clean the oil that is rooted in the pearls.
  • Don’t mix it with other jewelry: Always keep in mind that never clean any other jewelry like earrings, ring, necklace, bangles etc with pearl jewelry. Pearl jewelry may lose its shine or may get scratched or damaged while cleaning it along with other jewelries. If we talk about necklace, it can get entangled with bangles or earrings when cleaning them together. So to avoid scratches and damages, clean it separately. It’s better to clean them one by one and start with the pearl jewelry. Use soapy water to clean pearl jewelry first and then other jewelry.

Buy pearl jewelry from an imitation jewelry wholesaler, if you are planning to buy pearl jewelry in bulk.

How to choose fashion necklace for you

Fashion necklace is being loved by every lady. It is now being worn in marriages, offices, parties and cultural events. There are different types of necklaces such as choker, opera necklace, collar necklace, bib necklace, princess necklace, matinee necklace and much more. This wide range of designs makes it quite confusing to choose right necklace for you.

Tip to choose perfect fashion necklace for you:

How to choose fashion necklace for you

  • Neckline: The foremost thing to consider while selecting a necklace is neckline of your outfit. Necklines look better with a specific design of necklace. So make perfect combination of neckline and necklace by choosing a design of necklace which suits with your neckline. Identify the neckline of your outfit such as round neck, U neck, V neck, Square Neck. You can consider choker for round neckline. A fashion jewelry wholesaler will suggest you better type of necklace with your neckline.


  • Shape of Face: Another point to consider while buying necklace is to consider shape of your face. First of all recognize the shape of your face like it is round, square, oval or heart shaped and then decide the necklace based on shape of your face. For example oval face shaped is suited with every kind of face shape. For square shaped face, collar necklace is suited and chokers make a perfect combination with heart shaped face.
  • Shape and Size of Neck: Measure your neck by an inch tape and then decide type of necklace you will go for. Long neck looks perfect with chokers and short necked ladies should avoid chokers. To decide on the length of chokers, add 2 inches to length of your neck and size will be perfect. For long necklaces you can add 4 inches to the length of your neck.

By identifying all these points you should approach a good imitation jewelry exporter, so that you can get better options which meet all above mentioned conditions.

Fashion Earrings and their types

Fashion earrings have now become a necessity for any kind of dress. Whether you are wearing an ethnic outfit or a casual one, earrings complete them. Earrings are available in a large variety of colors and designs. Therefore, it becomes crucial to buy right earrings for you that suit your outfit and personality.

Different types of earrings are:

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  • Stud Earrings: These are the most common type of earrings. This type of earrings can be worn every day. Stud earrings are tiny in size which does not go below your earlobes and these can be worn with any kind of dresses such as ethnic, formal or casual. These earrings suit every shape of face. You can buy them in bulk from any fashion jewelry wholesaler.
  • Hoop Earrings: This is a popular category of earrings available in shape of circle. They look good on ethnic and formal outfits. Hoop earrings draw attention of people towards your face. This is the best option for ladies who have a square face. Large sized hoop earrings are best matched with off-shoulder outfits and wedding outfits such as strapped neckline.
  • Jhumka: Jhumka or Jhumki are the classic and traditional earrings. Generally, Jhumkas are worn with ethnic outfits and at cultural events. These are evergreen earrings for every Indian Lady. With Indian outfits such as Sari, Lehnga and Salwar Kameez, it becomes the perfect choice. And the good point associated with jhumka is, it is suited on every shape and size of face. So next time you are in Indian Outfit, remember Jhumkas are the best choice of earrings for you.
  • Chandelier Earrings: These are long earrings made up of gemstones and beds that hang below the earlobes. Chandelier earrings look best on functions and cultural events. If you are dressed up in an ethnic outfit then these earrings are the best choice for you. It suits best for ladies that have oval face shape.

You can buy all these earrings in bulk from imitation jewelry wholesaler, it will save your money and you will get best variety in terms of shape and size.

How to choose fashion jewelry for everyday

Now fashion jewelry is being worn everyday by many ladies. Choosing fashion jewelry for you and your outfits is a very difficult task. Its availability in huge variety of design and color makes it difficult to choose right jewelry for you. Rapidly changing trends of fashion jewelry has made it more confusing for ladies to choose it.

Tips to find out right fashion jewelry for you:

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  • Right Style: Find the right style of jewelry for you by considering your wardrobe, outfits and your profession. For example, if you are a teacher you should go for the jewelry that is less bold but elegant. Jewelry which goes well with sari. Or if you work in a bank, small size earrings will be best for you. And if you dress like a school girl, you can go for bold jewelry such as rings, lockets. So, it’s important for you to find out the right style, while choosing for the right jewelry.
  • Feeling comfortable while wearing Jewelry: This is the most important factor to consider while choosing fashion jewelry for you. Always go for the jewelry with which you are comfortable. Its metal should not be allergic to your skin. Also its size should perfectly match with your outfit.

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  • Your Jewelry Budget: Decide the amount of money that you are willing to spend on jewelry. One should buy jewelry from a reliable fashion jewelry wholesaler. Buying it from there you will save your money and you will get huge variety of colors and designs. Also estimate the number of jewelry pieces of each type such as earrings, necklaces, rings that you want to wear with your outfits. It is better to buy different type of jewelries together so that you can match them. For example, you should buy a necklace and earrings that are in match with each other.
  • Go for the latest trend: Do a proper research on the latest trend before you buy them from imitation jewelry wholesaler. You can read magazines and fashion blogs for that.

How to start your fashion jewelry store online?

Fashion jewelry business has now turned into a lucrative one. Increasing demand of fashion jewelry is attracting everyone to invest in it. This has also increased competition. There are basically two options of selling jewelry, one is online and other is to open a jewelry store. As number of internet users is increasing daily, you can craft strategies to make your fashion jewelry venture a successful one.

How to sell jewelry online:

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  • Identify your Niche: The very prominent strategy to make your jewelry store a success is to identify and decide your jewelry niche. People buy specific set of jewelry, for example if a lady is searching for earrings for her ethnic wear, she will definitely look for a store that has wide and huge variety of earrings.
  • Photoshoot of Jewelry: A professional photo shoot of fashion jewelry that you are going to sell is a must. A good photograph of jewelry in a position where it can represent itself best. Photos of jewelry influence buyer’s decision.

imitation jewelry wholesaler

  • Avoid Duplicate Jewelry: Do not sell fake jewelry on your store. Selling duplicate jewelry ends the customer loyalty. So try to find a fashion jewelry wholesaler who has reliability in market. Selling the fashion jewelry made up of metal you promised, will help to make your credibility in market.
  • Provide Better Product Information: While selling jewelry on your website, always give a detailed description of your product. Like its length, color, price, metal and gemstones used in making it, outfit with which it looks best, delivery time and its availability. An in depth description of a product does not leave a chance of any question in mind of customers, which in turn increases conversion rate. It’s better to take an ideaof description from imitation jewelry wholesaler by whom you are buying your stock.
  • Flood it on social media: Post pictures of your product on social media sites like facebook, instagram etc. This will increase reach of your business globally as there are billions of social media users. For better sales, you can run ad campaigns on facebook and instagram for marketing and branding.

How to run online jewelry business successfully

Internet has now made it easier for any business to make its reach to millions of people. People now shop online, book tickets online, recharge their phones and pay bills online. Internet has erased all the borders and boundaries which have resulted in increased business globally. Now, one can easily start selling anything over internet. It’s quite easy now to start your business. Gone are the days when you had to buy or rent out a place to start your business. Website has become virtual office now.

Steps to become an owner of a successful jewelry business:

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  • Decide your product: First of all decide what jewelry products you want to sell online. Conduct a primary research to know about the demands of different jewelry items like earrings, bangles, bracelets, rings and much more. Invest major portion of your capital in those products which are higher in demand, so that you will get revenue on continuous basis.
  • Find a Fashion Jewelry Wholesaler: After deciding products you want to sell, next step is to find a good fashion jewelry wholesaler from which you are going to buy jewelry in bulk. Only criterion to look in a wholesaler is wide variety of designs and colors and prices.
  • Register on online shopping sites to increase your reach: After buying stock from imitation jewelry wholesaler, make your presence on online shopping sites. Many online shopping sites offers sellers to sell their product on their websites. You can simply sell jewelry on giants like Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and others. From here you can get genuine traffic and will connect to customers globally. Upload beautiful photographs of your products with proper description of the product and boost your revenue. From these sites, you can also get to know the prices of your competitors.

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  • Craft awesome online marketing strategy: Do competitive analysis of industry leaders, what they are doing. Increase your presence on social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest etc. Social media is the most convenient way to connect to your prospects as there are billions of people on social media today.

Steps to buy fashion jewelry

Buying fashion jewelry is not a cakewalk. You have to choose the best piece out of a huge variety of designs and colors. Many type of fashion jewelry such as earrings, rings, necklace, bracelets, anklets, maangtika and much more are available at every fashion jewelry wholesaler. As fashion jewelry completes the overall appearance of a woman, it is being loved by every lady.

Steps to buy jewelry from a fashion jewelry wholesaler:

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  • Decide about Jewelry: The very first step to buy jewelry is to decide and make a list of jewelry pieces you want to buy. Take a look at your wardrobe and make a list according to your outfits. Also list some jewelry that can be used with every kind of jewelry. Keep in mind about any special occasion like marriage in the family in near future. If you work, you can take help of internet about jewelry which is to be worn in office.
  • Size and color: Once you have decided type of jewelry, next thing is to decide size and color of jewelry pieces. Color depends on the different things, such as skin tone, color of your outfit etc. If jewelry you are wearing is over sized or too small looks absurd and it’s totally a waste of your money. So carefully decide the color and size if jewelry, so that it will suit you best.

fashion jewelry wholesaler

  • Find a trustworthy imitation jewelry wholesaler: Buying jewelry from imitation jewelry wholesaler will save a lot of your money. You can find it on internet. Read the reviews and ratings and browse through websites. You can ask about their portfolio and more images of the product they have in every color available. And if it’s possible, visit their warehouse or office, where you can try and check the quality of material used in jewelry.

All these points will help you to get the jewelry you need for yourself.

How to choose jewelry for your big wedding day!

Wedding is the biggest day in the life of a girl. Every eye is on bride and her appearance on that big day. A bride is incomplete without jewelry. Earrings, Necklace, Bracelets, anklets complete a bride. Jewelry can be worn by bride after marriage everyday or on special occasions.  As it is a memorable day of every girl’s life, every bride should choose her jewelry carefully.

Tips to choose jewelry at your wedding:

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  • Color of Outfit: Foremost thing that comes into picture while choosing wedding jewelry is the color of bride’s outfit. You can choose color that matches or compliments color of outfit or its border. For example, a red lehnga with golden border is suited best with gold plated fashion jewelry. If a bride is wearing white gown, then pearl jewelry or silver color ornaments looks best. You can go to any fashion jewelry wholesaler to try what design and colors are a perfect match.

fashion jewelry wholesaler

  • Make a Balance: As it is your day, you need to make a right balance between your jewelry and outfit. Always follow the rule less is more. Don’t wear too much jewelry. Avoid that jewelry which doesn’t match with the style of your outfit.
  • Be comfortable: As wedding is matter of whole day, do not wear jewelry with which you are uncomfortable. It’s better to try out jewelry before your wedding day. Do not wear metal to which you are prone to be allergic. Also have earrings and necklace which is light weighted. So, go for the jewelry which is elegant and comfortable.
  • Approach a good imitation jewelry wholesaler: It’s better to buy wedding jewelry from an imitation jewelry wholesaler, as there you will save your hard-earned money and you will have huge variety of colors and designs to match with your dress. This will help you to buy the right jewelry for you.

Following these tips will help every bride to choose right jewelry for her.